Whew, the lack of socialization is really troubling isn’t it?

Last Friday we hosted a homeschool gathering where the kids did presentations…some of them show and tell style, others more report style.  One of the few things that I think we lack by homeschooling is a chance to frequently present or share information in front of or with peers.  As many students go back to school and present a book report, a service project report or some other such presentation to being the school year I thought it would be neat if we gave our homeschool students an audience to share something they were interested in.  There were no limits to what they could present and all the children were given a choice of presenting to the larger audience or to a smaller group.  They all chose the larger audience, a fact which impressed me greatly.

photo 2 (14) photo 1 (14) photo 3 (10) photo 4 (6) photo 5

They all did a great job, from age 3 to age 11.  We had volcano experiments, a door/wall climbing demonstration (bet you can’t guess who that was!), creative creations, a lego cable car, art exhibition, reports on animals (complete with live snails), sharing of a favorite blanket, yoga, magnets, compasses, precious snow globes, little ponies and more.  It was wonderful to see them giving their attention to whoever was in front of the audience presenting.  We were also very lucky to have some beautiful weather so we could hold the event outdoors where everyone could be comfortable and chat and move as they needed to.  Hmmm…so outdoors, we had kids ages 3-11 all listening and paying attention to each other and learning new things.  Crazy homeschoolers huh?

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