Kitchen Helpers

One of my goals for this year is that we get the boys involved more in making meals. Simon is a pro at making pancakes now, of course they can get their own cereal and make a sandwich or such but I would like them to be more involved in the dinner prep.  Mainly so they don’t drive me batty while I’m cooking dinner, but also because I feel they are more likely to enjoy the food if they help prepare it.  Tonight without any prompting Simon asked if he could help with dinner and Owen wanted to join in. Even though I was making a dish that Simon doesn’t particularly like (even though the rest of us love it) he was still willing and eager to help.

Simon chopped the broccoli, Owen grated cheese and chopped onions.  There wasn’t much else to do away from the stove so that was it for tonight, but it was great, saved me a bunch of time and they thought it was good fun.  Bonus is that they weren’t chasing each other or fighting during this time they were helping!

photo 1 (15) photo 2 (15)

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