Crazy Art Day

We hosted a Green Moms Homeschool gathering this morning. It was listed on Facebook as Crazy Art Day.  Well, there was crazy, there was art and I suppose there may have even been crazy art.

It was a good time all around and I don’t even think there is paint on the ceiling!


Mom, I made a lever!

We were fortunate enough to get some free scrap wood from the church down the street.  Simon has built a couple of rafts, a ladder and now…a lever!  Owen went running out to play with it too and then Simon discovered he had made a teeter totter/seesaw (which makes me curious as to which one of those you say and why?).

photo 1 (1)

The next day they messed around with it some more with Daddy and discovered that even little ol’ Owen can lift Daddy with the right length of lever.

photo 2 (1)photo 3 (1)

Really neat stuff.  I’m going to find some youtube videos about levers to put on our links page so they can explore a little further.  Perhaps I can leave some things lying around that could be used as smaller levers inside too.  A little strewing never hurt!

Fermenting and Kitchen Science

If you’ve been to my house lately you may notice the number of jars on our counter has increased quite a bit.  We brew our own kombucha and have grown many SCOBYS from one small one that a friend gave us over a year ago.  The boys and I really enjoy flavoring the kombucha and drinking it instead of sweet juices or sodas.

photo 2

I’ve made a bit of honey mead.  I dophoto 1n’t have the patience to wait for it to really mature so I’ve tried it “green” and it’s pretty tasty.

We received the gift of some sourdough starter from a friend and have been making lots of different recipes with that.  Naturally I needed to try to start my own starter and was successful so now we have our very own yeasts growing in our breads.

photo 3

Recently I’ve started making kefir, my grains were also a gift from a friend.  I like to drink it with just a bit of almond extract added or blended with some fruit.  It’s great in smoothies and as a substitute for regular milk in baking.

Rick and the boys got me a beautiful ceramic crock for my birthday and a book by Sandor Katz to go along with it with all the info on fermenting one could need.  My next project is sauerkraut in my crock!

Simon and I have been learning a little about the science behind fermentation and also a little about the history of these food traditions.  I really like that they can be shared so widely.  I have given several kombucha SCOBYS to friends and lots of sourdough starter too. It’s something fun to do and healthy for us too!

a good week

imageimageI’m not sure what it was but this week just worked.  We had a good day at co-op on Monday.  Tuesday Owen stayed for Stay Day at preschool (he takes a lunch and gets to play with friends on the playground and such a little longer than the usual day).  Simon and I got some work done, and had some extra time to be together.  Wednesday we just stayed home all day.  The boys played together, separately, with me, outside, inside…they just got along.  IT WAS WONDERFUL!  Thursday Owen had preschool again, I ran some errands while Simon did a little work and Mythbusters research at home with Daddy.  In the afternoon we built things and played outside.  Today we were home again as Mommy had a cold.  The boys played some games together, played outside a ton, watched some shows, etc.  For the most part the days have just flowed well and we’ve gotten in plenty of work without making a big deal out of it.  Hopefully the magic can continue next week!