a good week

imageimageI’m not sure what it was but this week just worked.  We had a good day at co-op on Monday.  Tuesday Owen stayed for Stay Day at preschool (he takes a lunch and gets to play with friends on the playground and such a little longer than the usual day).  Simon and I got some work done, and had some extra time to be together.  Wednesday we just stayed home all day.  The boys played together, separately, with me, outside, inside…they just got along.  IT WAS WONDERFUL!  Thursday Owen had preschool again, I ran some errands while Simon did a little work and Mythbusters research at home with Daddy.  In the afternoon we built things and played outside.  Today we were home again as Mommy had a cold.  The boys played some games together, played outside a ton, watched some shows, etc.  For the most part the days have just flowed well and we’ve gotten in plenty of work without making a big deal out of it.  Hopefully the magic can continue next week!

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