National Chocolate Chip Day!

May 15 was the day of chocolate chips!  We are always happy to celebrate and honor the beautiful substance of chocolate.

We made pancakes with 4 kinds of chocolate chips (2 kinds of dark chips, mini chips and regular semi sweet).

We started looking closely at the chips and wondering how they were made.  This led Owen to the idea of melting all the kinds together to create a new blend of chocolate that we could try to make our own chips out of.   We talked about our theories of how they were made in a factory and then got busy melting, dripping and dropping trying to create just the right chip.

Owen really enjoys creating sweet treats that are concoctions not found in a recipe.  I think this habit started because whenever the boys get together with their cousins they end up starting a “restaurant” or “store” to sell things they make to the adult family members.  It’s been really fun to watch how their skills have evolved over the years, both in the cooking realm and the “how to fleece the family for as much money as possible” realm!  These mini cupcake liners work great for these sweet creations he likes to make.

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