Back to “school” 2nd Grade here we come!

We have had a classic summer so far.  Tons of pool time, some get togethers with friends, a vacation to Florida, lots of popsicles, board games, etc.  Our summer is not over by any means…it will still be shorts and sandals weather here for another couple of months but we (the parents mostly) are ready for some routines again so we are starting “school” this week.  It also helps if we start now so we can be done with all of our hours a little early in the spring when Rick is done with teaching too. We are starting out with more structure than we had at the end of last year to see how that works.  We will have plenty of wiggle room for spontaneous events, travel and good ol’ fun though.

Simon started 2nd grade on Monday; we are saying that Owen is in Pre Pre K. We will be studying Math, Reading, Writing, Geography, Science and German for the first quarter.  We may join a co-op to spend more time with Simon’s peers. We will be getting together with the Chattanooga Green Moms Homeschool group too, hosting and organizing special holiday events, field trips and get togethers.

Owen will be a Moonbeam (3 year old class) at Highland Plaza United Methodist Preschool starting September 1st.  He certainly likes to be involved with Simon’s “school work” so I try to plan something for him to do along with Simon.  If Simon is working on handwriting, then Owen can be doing some pre-writing activities.  They both have a journal for quiet time.  We made two flags of Madagascar today and Owen is learning German along with the rest of the family.  It is pretty cute hearing him try to say the letters and numbers.

I am looking forward to a great year of learning and exploring together!

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