Fermenting and Kitchen Science

If you’ve been to my house lately you may notice the number of jars on our counter has increased quite a bit.  We brew our own kombucha and have grown many SCOBYS from one small one that a friend gave us over a year ago.  The boys and I really enjoy flavoring the kombucha and drinking it instead of sweet juices or sodas.

photo 2

I’ve made a bit of honey mead.  I dophoto 1n’t have the patience to wait for it to really mature so I’ve tried it “green” and it’s pretty tasty.

We received the gift of some sourdough starter from a friend and have been making lots of different recipes with that.  Naturally I needed to try to start my own starter and was successful so now we have our very own yeasts growing in our breads.

photo 3

Recently I’ve started making kefir, my grains were also a gift from a friend.  I like to drink it with just a bit of almond extract added or blended with some fruit.  It’s great in smoothies and as a substitute for regular milk in baking.

Rick and the boys got me a beautiful ceramic crock for my birthday and a book by Sandor Katz to go along with it with all the info on fermenting one could need.  My next project is sauerkraut in my crock!

Simon and I have been learning a little about the science behind fermentation and also a little about the history of these food traditions.  I really like that they can be shared so widely.  I have given several kombucha SCOBYS to friends and lots of sourdough starter too. It’s something fun to do and healthy for us too!

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