Harrison Bay State Park Camping, why haven’t we done this before?!?

Last week some friends were posting about the Perseid Meteor shower and I started to think we should try to go camping somewhere we would have a better view.  We already had plans for Friday so I figured we could go Wednesday and Thursday.  It just so happened that Thursday was the first day of public school in our county, so we felt pretty fortunate to be homeschooling!

I was prepared to go with the boys on my own but Rick was ready and able to come along so that was great.  We decided on Harrison Bay State Park because it was close and had cheap tent sites along the water.  We had only been up there once or twice before to swim in the pool and explore a bit.  Boy were we missing out.

photo 1 (13)

It is 20 minutes from our house and we saw tons of wildlife, and felt like we were far away in the woods.  We saw racoons, deer, osprey, herons, squirrels, a water snake, a toad, a spider spinning a web, and more.

photo 4 (5)

We had some good friends tag along for Thursday night and just so happened to be camping next to some other homeschool friends too!  The weather was great.  We got to see a few meteors, it wasn’t as dark as we hoped since all the campers apparently feel the need for really bright lights!  Simon enjoyed fishing (a lot!) and the guys took the canoe out a few times to paddle and fish.  They also got to take their friends on the canoe which was great too.photo 3 (9)Below is a photo of Simon explaining the good news and bad news of fishing.  The line was caught, but it could be untangled if they went out in the canoe! photo 2 (13)

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