It’s dinner time again?!?

It’s been a long day, you can’t believe it’s dinner time already. The kids have already watched their quota of tv. What can you make that is quick and yummy? Here is an easy one pot recipe that I love. The kids didn’t try it but Rick and I enjoy it.
Throw some olive oil in a pan, heat on medium high.
Add a random amount of red onion chopped. Sauté till softened.
Drain and rinse a can of chickpeas and then add to pan.
Add about a teaspoon of thyme and stir.
Sauté for a while.
Add a random amount of chopped Kalamata olives. (However many you feel like chopping!)
Stir and sauté until olives are heated through.
Add salt and pepper, top with feta.
I served it over couscous to make more of a meal. It is good on it’s own as a side.


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