One month!

We have been homeschooling for a month now. It seems like a lot longer than that! We have been having a good time and learning a lot! Of course we’ve also had our challenges. As Owen gets older it will certainly get easier in many ways. Even though we don’t have a strict school schedule, stopping for diaper changes, frequent spilled water, and other random toddlerhood events does make it harder than I like but we are still finding our groove!
We have gotten more of a routine going this week and have stopped watching tv first thing in the morning. I think that has helped a lot. We are working up a block schedule for 2 blocks before lunch and two blocks after lunch. Trying to rotate the work time with play and sensory activities. We have time set for a dance party or walk in the morning and chores too!
While I’m getting Owen ready for nap Simon does some independent work. When I come out the plan is for Simon and I to play a game or read together. After that Simon will have some free time to play or watch a show. While he is doing that I will have some “me time”. Most likely that time will involve prep or housework but if I’m doing it quietly or alone it’s better than with interruptions.
In my “me time ” this afternoon I decided to check something off my to do list. Putting up some inspirational thoughts. I repurposed some of those advertising magnets and have gotten some more helpful thoughts on the fridge. The purple ones are from Momma Zen by Karen Maezen Miller. I’ve had those up for a while and really love her book. Follow her on fb for some great insights.
Look for a sappy post about kids growing up when I have a chance to actually sit at the computer!


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