Busy week!

I didn’t get much time to blog this week. Our new schedule for school work may have been a little full. That and the unpacking and laundry from Thanksgiving week took forever to finish up.
Simon did more work on telling time with this flower activity I found on a teacher’s blog. I put all the parts out and he glued them together then matched up the words on the leaves with the clocks and wrote the numbers on another leaf. He did this while I was getting Owen to nap and he did a great job on his own!
We also delved into decomposing shapes which went really well. We used some Melissa and Doug shapes to make up larger shapes that I drew on paper. Then he worked on the worksheet labeling shapes and fitting pieces together again to make up the larger shape.
We read a Ranger Rick article about some really tiny mice (I can’t recall what they are called right now!) and we did some informational text analysis.
There were other bits of work throughout the week. But those were some of the highlights.
We all worked on leaves together one morning. We’ve had a wet fall and it hasn’t been easy to get to the leaves!




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