All the things!

I want to do (see above)!

One problem with homeschool for me is that there are so many things I want to do with the kids.  Every time I meet someone new they tell me about another great resource or idea and I want to try it, like right then.  But I already have a long list of things I really want to do right then too.

We have been quite busy since the holidays.  Co op started up.  

 We have met up with friends at the park on nice afternoons.  

We dissected owl pellets this week and went to Tellus Science Museum.   


We celebrated Owen turning 4!

We enjoyed some rare TN snow on the mountain with some friends.

We have been looking for new and interesting shows to watch on Netflix and Hulu.  You’ll notice some new links to YouTube channels on our video lessons page.

Check out Cosmic Kids Yoga on YouTube, Owen loves it and Simon gets hooked a bit too.

We’ve been learning about Egypt, gems and minerals, German parts of the body and more!

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