Worst Blogger Ever

man…I really stink at blogging.  Once a month if I’m lucky.  I could throw all sorts of excuses out there but alas, it’s just not a big priority I guess.

We are about to kick off another semester of homeschooling.  We will be joining the Homeschoolians co-op again on Mondays.  I’ll be co-teaching the preK class and a Water Science class for the older kids.  I’m looking forward to teaching and I wish Simon was looking more forward to attending.  He’s just not that keen on the idea but hopefully he will enjoy getting together with friends again more regularly and be enthused!

We hope to gather with our Green Moms Homeschooling friends a bunch and develop some deeper bonds and routines with them.

We look forward to getting some winter gear on and going outside more despite colder temperatures.  We had a really warm early winter and were able to be outside a lot without much preparation.  I need to be less of a wimp and just get my long johns on and get out there!  The boys are rarely cold in any weather.

We will continue using Reading Eggs, Math Seeds, and Mystery Science online programs for curriculum and Life of Fred Books for Simon’s math work.

I look forward to seeing what other interests the boys come up with.  They got several science kits for Christmas so I expect we’ll be doing a lot of experiments.  My plan is also to read…a lot!  We slacked off on our daily quiet reading time towards the end of the semester and we need to get back on track with that for sure.

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