All around the mulberry bush…

the Simon tasted the honeysuckle!

We were riding bikes on the Riverwalk on Mother’s Day when we discovered mulberry trees with berries that weren’t quite ready.  Simon and I went back this week to see if they were ripe.  There were only a few ripe ones but tons of honeysuckle vines.  If you haven’t done it before…you pick a honeysuckle flower, pop off the green end (calyx) pull out the string (style) and voila a drop of honeysuckle!  

Simon and Owen always love a good blind taste test (started a while back with multi colored carrots) so we tried the white flowers and then the yellow flowers.  Next we each give each other a blind taste test.  When we were tasting them it seemed that the yellow tasted better but in the blind taste test neither of us could discern the difference.

For you locals this entrance to the Riverwalk is called the Amnicola Marsh entrance and is a great place for watching birds and turtles. 


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