Budding Naturalist?

Nothing makes my heart smile quite as much as when my boys find themselves immersed in nature and figuring things out for themselves.  We took a hike at Stringer’s Ridge on Monday morning after the boys got back from their big camping trip with Rick and Oma (Kathy, Rick’s mom) in Ga.  We were attempting to find a geocache site along the trail and walked all the way up to the overlook checking out wildflowers and such along the way.  We got to the top and found this patch of mushrooms.  Simon asked if I had my mushroom field guide, which I did (it was rainy the past few days and that often leads to good mushrooms).  They each looked at the mushrooms and book for a while, thinking they knew which ones they must be.  Admittedly mushroom identification is not one of my strong suits and I brought the least helpful field guide for it because it was the lightest weight one.  But as we were packing up to walk back down the hill I turned around and saw this shot!  Priceless!

photo 1 (2)

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