Soap Foam and other sensory goopy fun

Monday while we waited for the weather to do whatever it was supposed to do we had some fun with soap foam and goop.  We made dino goop in the morning with cornstarch and shampoo, about equal parts, but you really just stir til it looks like you want it to.  We stuck dinosaurs in the goop and squished it around.  Our shampoo was a nice lavender mint scent so that made it a multi sensory experience.

While searching for more uses for our new liquid watercolors I got the recipe for the soap foam from here:

It’s not like it’s rocket science to blend up soap and water but I never thought of it before. I was using my Kitchen Aid mixer and I would say you do not need to use full speed if using a big stand mixer. I used Seventh Generation soap for one batch and Target brand green Dawn knockoff for another batch.  I added the cornstarch, but I would add less next time as I think it made it a little too thick.  We put it in a big bin and added some sea animals to play with.  They both thought it was really neat to start with but soon lost interest.  I then gave Owen some scoops and containers and he started “cooking” up a storm.  I overheard him talking about all the ingredients we normally use to bake with.

I will say it was surprisingly hard to wash off all the things that were covered with the soap foam…after all what exactly does one use to wash off dishwashing soap??  We ended up putting the box in the tub and letting Owen take a bubble bath with the leftovers that wouldn’t go down the 2

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