Thrift store treasures and the path toward unschooling

I love a good deal! Recently I’ve had especially good luck. Got a pirate ship for Owen for five dollars, normally $50+. Of course it didn’t have all its parts but that was okay. Got a marble run for Simon for two dollars, normally $30 or more. Then this week I found a huge bag of scissors, pinking shears and other neat cutting tools and a big bag of stamps and ink. Each of those was under two dollars. The boys have loved cutting paper into all sorts of shapes and pieces with the “new” scissors. This led to a discussion on how paper is made which is now our next area of study.
Another big focus is money. Simon is still very interested in all things money! I had him design his own yesterday which led to a store and bank being set up in the playroom. We got a few books from the library about the history of money which we are enjoying. As the book talks about the areas of the world where the first money was used we are able to look at the Globe and talk about geography a bit.
You may notice a change in our activities as we are naturally transitioning to a more unschooling like approach to our “schooling”. It’s amazing the amount of useful and interesting things that come up every day in an unhurried, unstructured learning through living environment!



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