Pioneer Days

We went to Audubon Acres for their Walker Farm Pioneer days on Friday. It was very interesting. It was busy so I didn’t take very many pictures. The boys saw demonstrations and got to try out some pioneer tools. They learned about how when the garden frosted over in November that was it for fresh produce. They saw a period rifle shoot. I tried to have them take special note of how long it took just to take one shot.
We went into a cabin that was built on the same property by a Cherokee Indian. The woman told us about how a family of 13 lived in the cabin. It was barely the size of our playroom!
I would hope they could take away some knowledge of life in the past and some gratitude for all the comforts we have now!
We met with some homeschool friends and did part of the tour with them. Then we ran into some other homeschool friends and got to run around and play with them after all the school kids got back in the buses. We really know a ton of people who homeschool in our area and I’m thankful for that.


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