Math Monday!

We started our morning with measuring small toys. Each boy had a bin of toys, a ruler and a notebook and pencil to record data with. Giving Owen his own setup seemed to keep him occupied pretty well while Simon worked. After measuring with the ruler we grabbed a Lego block and figured out how many Lego blocks long the toys were. We then took the length of the Lego block and could figure out the length of the toy. This is called iterating a unit to measure something! One of those good ol’ common core standards!
It’s funny because when I read the standards I had to re-read this one and figure out what they meant but ultimately it’s a very common sense idea that Simon picked up easily.


After Owen’s zumbini class we did some giant clock work. Simon is motivated to tell time by hearing Rick mention that some of his college students can’t tell time on an analog clock! What 6 year old doesn’t want to be smarter than a college student! He happily exclaimed that knowing how to count by fives so well was really helpful.


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